Easter Egg 6 packs:

Colorful, fun and something different from the Easter bunny. The pre packaged egg sets will come with randomly selected colors. Come plain or with dino toys inside. Froot loop scented.

Carrot cones are filled with:

Loose bathbomb powder. Watermelon scented

Peachy Peeps, girl or boy 3 packs:

Peach scented and 3 packs only! 

Dino Egg basket:

Lime scented. Solid bubblebath grass, two ultra mini egg bombs and one water growing dino egg.

Bunny face

Cute bunny mask for imaginative play. Once unwrapped please use for the tub. Do not eat, it is bubble bath but smells amazing like froot loops.

Jellybean bags:

Assorted 10 packs. Come either scented with jellybean OR unscented 

Paint your own Bathbomb kits:

Paint your own bath bomb & option to buy additional eggs!!